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11/20/2008 – For Immediate Release

PRESS RELEASE: Miss Iowa 2004 and Miss Iowa 2006 partner with the Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign to Change Retail Culture (PHOTOS AVAILABLE)

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Williamsburg, VA/ November 20, 2008

Carolyn Nicholas Haugland and Emily Nicholas Gerdts, Miss Iowa 2004 and 2006, are partnering with the Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign mobilizing advocates energized for a return to the traditional, convivial greeting, bearing buttons that make a clear statement - "It's OK, Wish Me A Merry Christmas™ (http://www.wmamc.com)". The Nicholas sisters will be performing at the KCMR Joyful Sounds of Christmastime Benefit Concert on Sunday November, 23, 2008 at 2 pm in the North Iowa Community Auditorium in Mason City. There they will be selling these buttons as part of the benefit for KCMR radio station.

With 800 buttons in circulation around Mason City, local store associates are likely to be presented with the opportunity to deviate from the corporate holiday wishing policy of top retailers like the Gap and Best Buy, and stealthily wish their customer "Merry Christmas" instead of the generic "Happy Holidays". But since 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas (Gallup Poll, 2004), it's likely that the store cashiers would prefer to wish their customers "Merry Christmas" as well. In fact 88% of Americans state that "It’s okay to wish 'Merry Christmas'." (Gallup Poll).

Carolyn Haugland, showing her support for the Campaign, said,"The bottom line is that our relationship to Jesus Christ is the most important thing for both me and Emily. This time of year is a time to celebrate Jesus coming to earth, and making a sacrifice for us. We should be rejoicing and not trying to cover it up. We should be telling retailers that we want to say and hear "Merry Christmas," because that is the most important thing this time of year. The real purpose is to celebrate Christ's coming and we don't want to lose that in all the glitter of the season."

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