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11/22/2011 – For Immediate Release

PRESS RELEASE (Photo Available): Winning The War On Christmas

Orlando, FL/ November 22, 2011 – With 95%* of Americans celebrating Christmas (Gallup Poll 12/24/10), one has to wonder why the generic "Happy Holidays" is ubiquitous. For nearly a decade national retailers have had stated policies instructing workers to choose this "less offensive" greeting over the here-to-fore standard, "Merry Christmas." In years gone by, "winter," rather than Christmas, was celebrated by these retailers with shades of icy blue snowflakes, as these retailers attempted to secularize what they, and shoppers alike, knew: the spending that dramatically boosts sales in November and December is solely due to this 95% of Americans who are buying gifts to celebrate Christmas. In fact according to a Gallup Poll (11/15/11),* people "personally spend on Christmas gifts" an average of nearly $700 each year.  Retailers, seeking to reverse diminished Christmas sales from years past, are returning to traditional symbols of Christmas and no longer consider the word "Christmas" taboo. This year they have splashed it on their print and online advertising and in their store decorations, complete with red and green wording, Christmas trees and other religious symbols.
Entering it's 5th Christmas season, the Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign (http://www.wmamc.com) is happy to report that jolly Christmas-celebrators around the country are winning the war on Christmas – in their communities as well as nationally. With more than 100,000 buttons that say, "It's OK Wish Me A Merry Christmas," in circulation this Black Friday, these customers have successfully influenced the top retailers to "put Christmas back in the holidays." Already before Thanksgiving, shoppers are being wooed by the sights and sounds of Christmas as they begin the ritualistic gift-buying habit, most prominent in the Christmas tradition in America (Gallup 11/15/11)*. 
Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign Manager, Ashley Tarter explained, "The pendulum has swung in favor of Christmas. Retailers are realizing that their customers are indeed shopping explicitly for Christmas. The more festive their advertising, the better their sales. With a full 82% of Christmas shoppers identifying themselves as celebrating for "religious" reasons, retailers need not fear offending their base." (Gallup 11/15/11) Campaign supporter, Jon Popham of Bettendorf, Iowa comments, "If I said 'happy holiday' on July 4th or Labor Day or Halloween people would think it's odd."
The Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign has garnered support from the up-and-coming country music band Snyder.Davis.Smith who released their synonymous Christmas single on November 10, 2011. "This is about Jesus Christ, that's why we celebrate this holiday," says Tommy Snyder and Kent Davis adds, "We should not be afraid to say Merry Christmas to anyone. We want to get the word out that we remember Jesus on the celebration of his birthday!!"

(http://www.wmamc.com/millionbuttongoal/media.html#pressreleases), http://youtu.be/yebEgA1Fky8

* Gallup Poll 12/24/10: http://www.gallup.com/poll/145367/christmas-strongly-religious-half-celebrate.aspx
* Gallup Poll 11/15/11: http://www.gallup.com/poll/150737/consumers-holiday-spending-intentions-perk-november.aspx
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