Wish Me A Merry Christmas - Press Releases

11/21/2007 – For Immediate Release

Radio Advertisement Scams Christmas Button Buyers

Contact: Ashley Tarter, Media Relations at (800) 487-7137 ext. 709 or atarter@wmamc.com

There have been radio advertisements running in the state of Pennsylvania claiming to sell "It's OK to Say Christmas to Me" buttons. When customers call to order these buttons they do not talk to a live person, but are prompted by voicemail to record their name, address, phone number, credit card information and email address. Customers are enticed to purchase with a "free bumper sticker" claim. The email confirmation is not sent, the orders for these Christmas buttons have not been received. Noone has responded to multiple inquiries of their customer service number. This is thought to be a scam and customers who have placed orders for these buttons have cancelled their credit cards. No internet information about this company or these buttons can be found.

The original Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign offers buttons, but not bumper stickers, that say, very lovingly, "It's OK, Wish Me A Merry ChristmasTM." To talk to a live person, please call 800-487-7137 or visit us online at www.wmamc.com.

For more information please visit http://www.wmamc.com - the first letters in Wish Me A Merry Christmas, or contact our Media Relations office at 800-487-7137, option 4.

Merry Christmas!